Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Industry Standard in Optical Engineering - ASAP ®

Cranes Software International Limited is pleased to bring to you ASAP® (Advanced Systems Analysis Program) from Breault Research Organization (BRO), in the Indian sub-continent. We are the exclusive distributors of this product in this region.

The Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP®) is the industry standard in optical engineering software, and has been for over 20 years. The popularity of ASAP is due to the software's comprehensiveness and accuracy. ASAP has the functionality to solve the toughest problems for any industry using optics as an enabling technology.


The product of more than 20 years of continuous development, ASAP is able to simulate the physics of more optical systems than any other program available. ASAP unites geometrical and physical optics with full 3D models of optical and mechanical systems. Built-in graphical tools allow visualization of model geometry, ray-trace details, and results analysis. ASAP handles it all, including scattering, diffraction, reflection, refraction, absorption, polarization, and Gaussian beam propagation.


ASAP is now interoperable with many CAD programs. ASAP can be configured to open native CAA V5 CATIA® files from the program by Dassault Systemes, to write ASAP-specific GTX files from within SolidWorks®, the program by SolidWorks Corp., to write ASAP-specific IGES files from within Rhinoceros®, the program by McNeel & Associates, and to import IGES files from other CAD programs — numerous options for accurate, seamless geometry transitions into ASAP.

ASAP is also able to import (and export) complex vector field distributions from the finite-difference, time-domain code FDTD Solutions™, by Lumerical. Together, ASAP and FDTD Solutions are able to handle both macroscopic optical systems and microstructures in an elegant manner. No other software combination spans such a large optical space.


The speed-optimized ASAP non-sequential ray-tracing engine is the fastest available, and without the accuracy-compromising surface approximations of other programs. Model almost any conceivable geometry in a single working model, and analyze the behavior of your system in hours instead of weeks.


Optical system designers in 35 countries rely on ASAP for virtual prototyping with great accuracy and confidence. ASAP will model the finest details, which means you can depend on your simulation results to mirror real-world performance.

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