Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chemstation ChemCad 5.2

Chemstation ChemCad 5.2 to the next is called ChemCad 5.2 is a program in chemical engineering applications the most complete and powerful at this time. By using Chemcad 5.2 you will be able to design, create and measure the process in a chemical factory. Chemcad 5.2 is a development of previous versions Chemcad, in the hope that the application of the chemical processes can be more easily used, with the result that more accurate results and the visualization and the process is easier to read.

What can you do with Chemcad 5.2?

  • Increased productivity with the calculation of the performance of chemical engineering day-to-day
  • Maximizing revenue with the creation of labih efficient design in new process and new tools
  • Decrease the cost of the optimization process of chemical engineering

This tutorial will provide additional capability to operate in basic CHEMCAD. CHEMCAD is a program that is easy to learn and how best to use experts in that. Here will be given step-by-step explanation of how to complete a process of technical problems Sci. In a way that is very easy because this is designed to be a "sincere friend" chemical engineer who is very familiar with the base Windows. So the rules that are used on windows in general is also used in CHEMCAD.

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