Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Sinhalese village in Sri Lanka

This book which was written by Professor Victoria J. Baker is now has been translated into Sinhala language. “Suduwatura Ara Gama”, this book contains wonderful story about works of a social scientist (Victoria J. Baker is the scientist). She had chosen a countryside village in Monaragala District, which is called Suduwatura Ara Gama for her research on Sri Lankan education system in rural areas.

While she was doing her research she was not selfish to grab information and run away. But her books and her effort brings many great things to village. One of her book “The Black Board in the Jungle” got the attention of His Excellency president Ranasinghe Premadasa and he developed the village through his Gam Udawa program. The Suduwatura Ara Gama School got a library and many buildings because of her studies and effort. While she was doing her research she worked as a teacher, nurse, social worker, ambulance driver (her 4 WD jeep became the Ambulance in emergency), photographer (her camera was a vital resource for village children to protect their childhood memories) and a good friends.

This story is a must read for social scientist, politicians, social workers and NGO people. Because many people involve with social works for their benefits. It is not bad. But every effort must have mutual benefits. We must develop our self while making and allowing others to develop and sustain in this world.

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