Friday, April 4, 2008

Small is beautiful

When we assign to do things we think about very big things, but do you think that you can do big change with small innovation. Emily Cummins, a management student of University of Leeds had been coming up with a solution which will help to enhance underdeveloped countries quality of life. She had come up with Solar Powered Refrigerator.

Emily Cummins with her Solar Powered Fridge

Two Namibia children feel happy about her innovation

Technology behind this innovation; it contains two aluminum cylinders. One has installed in other and the gap between two cylinder has filled with sheep's wool. Water will be added in to the layer of wool and with warm temperature water will evaporate while absorbing heat from inside. She had come up with good design, that is the importance.

University of Leeds featured this on their Alumni Magazine 2007.


Guhn said...

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Emily Cummins said...

thanks for the lovely write up!