Friday, April 18, 2008

Site Selection for Chemical Process plant using Google Earth Pro [+ factors considered when site selection ]

Site selection for chemical process plant is one of the major steps in plant design process. Major steps in plant design process are Process Design and Safety, Layout, process control and instrumentation, energy and utility balance, manpower requirement, cost estimation … etc.

Many factors must be considered when site selection process carried out

Available transportation methods [if rail roads, channels, harbor facilities or air port are accessible, great potentials is there to invest]*

Sources of raw material #

Cost of raw material

Prospective markets for products #

Corporation loan term planning [chemical leasing, other plant’s waste as raw material or utility …. etc]

Water source-quality and quantity #

Climatic conditions [long term weather patterns, new pattern in weather due to climate change]

Pollution requirements (Waste disposal regulations; regulations change from countries to countries as well as in local government wise)

Utilities-cost, quantity and reliability; fuel-costs, reliability and availability

Amount of site preparation necessary [geological survey] #

Construction costs [cost of construction material, technology, labour force, availability of third party contractors]

Operating labor


Living conditions

Expansion possibilities [land, regulations… etc]

Google Earth is wonderful internet based software tool which brings basically satellite images of earth onto your desktop. * mark represent factors which can be totally found using Google earth pro. # mark represent factors which can be found using Google earth pro but you must also refer other resources. Google earth pro can be used as a screening tool for available sites. You can filter out best locations based on this tool and next plan actual visits to sites. Do you have any doubts on Google earth pro images, see following sample image.

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