Monday, February 9, 2009

Lean Manufacturing Audit

The cooperate company of our factory is supporting and guiding us to implement lean manufacturing concept in our factory. Tomorrow auditors are coming to pay the 2nd lean manufacturing audit. We did our maximum to show how far we have come towards lean concept and tomorrow we are hoping to visualize our some of best outcomes which gain using lean concept.

Cell Manufacturing System is the biggest achievement we have ginned and it reduce 20% of our man power requirement, reduce Non Value Adding presentage from overall process cycle.

Several great outcomes through PDCA [Plan Do Check Action] which was introduced to world by Dr. Deming also will display to them. Can you believe we were able to give one of our customer, a 7% discount through a PDCA which was done by workers belongs to lower level of organization hirachy. A group of workers including several operators and technician did a PDCA on one style of our major coustomer and we were able to reduce our price by 7%.

Anyway tomorrow I hope auditors will ask me easy questions ....

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