Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Becoming Closer to Nature

I had good read on "Saru Bawa Weduma" a sinhala book from Dr. Priyanga de Soysa. The discussion in that book is quite strange and it is new approach toward secrets of success. There are many consultants those who guide people to success in money making, professionally, personality vise .... etc. But the approach in this book is very much different from the ordinary positive thinking.

In "Saru Bawa Weduma" [ increasing prosperity] Dr. Priyanga is saying that those who become closer to mother nature and identify the rhythm of it will become to success in life in every aspects. (Not only with money values) This is very important argument while ordinary people try to earn money at any cost. People will see quick success in money terms by becoming timber trader but will not see the sustainable success by becoming a protector of environment.

Note: If you do not know about successors those who win their life thro' contributing towards mother nature follow these links.

Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai
Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr.

The book has written on a manner which can be understood by any person. I have read many books of Dr. Priyanga. In one of book one of our veteran journalist had claimed Dr. Priyanga as "Modern Rishi". He is a product of Sri Lanka medical college, but he further earn knowledge by following new paths of universe.

Recently Miss Earth 2007 was held and in final round those beautiful young ladies were asked a question to measure their intelligence and various answers were came up, but consider the answer of Miss Earth 2007: Jessica Nicole Trisko

Question : "How will you describe the beauty of Mother Nature to a blind child?"

Jessica : "Nature smells as sweet as the rose, soft as the softest leaves, to hear the singing of birds in the trees."

I think this answer illustrate the facts that Dr. Priyanga was try to prove from "Saru Bawa Weduma" [ increasing prosperity]. I do not think this as an answer which produce by-heart as like as we do in exams. I think this answer came out naturally. Because she had identified the truth of the mother nature.

I search the web to find out video of this great answering. I guess this will be a good video.

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