Thursday, November 15, 2007

We lost another friend ...........

Tharana Mendis, one of Electrical Engineering student of our faculty passed away today evening. He was in Intensive Care Unit of Ragama General Hospital and was being treated for "severe state of the Dengue fever" (the medical term could not be found,). Another four students of the same department also got Dengue fever but now they have recovered. When this tragic news reached the university every students were spellbound. He was good friend of mine. Tharana is very down to earth person with a heart as gold. Every time he show me he came with his nice smile and say "Hi Sube". I feel very sorry for him. His father and mother passed away before he meet this tragic end and his one and only family member was his sister (a medical doctor). We lost a good friend and our mother land lost a good son and an Engineer-to-be with huge potential. All staff of Ragama hospital did there best to save this valuable life but at the end their mission were failed.

This is the second time our batch faces this type of tragedy. The first time was the death of our Piumal Brother due to severe oral cancer. This time dengue fever got our friend. Oral cancer is very dangerous disease which is hard to get recovered but dengue is also a deadly disease but can be eliminate with proper prevention method. The most practicable solutions are mosquito control and personal protection such as use of mosquito nets, repellents containing NNDB or DEET, covering exposed skin, use of DEET-impregnated bednets, and avoiding endemic areas.

Finally I bless him to be attain Nibbana. (a buddist blessing at the end of beloved person's end.)


Sam said...

Very Sorry to hear that.

We are an island could not get rid of mosquitoes for past 200 years. What a pity.

Dilantha Thushara said...

Thanks sam for comments,

We should put maximum effort to protect environment. Our activities have made tragic damages to mother nature. That is why normal system affecting.