Thursday, November 22, 2007

Asking help from problem creators

These refugees looking foreword for helping teams. Most of time help come from developed countries . These innocent people do not know that the conflicts which lost their every thing was make by weapons made in those developed countries and the conflicts are also some marketing strategy for selling that weapons.

We are like frogs in luck warm water which is slowly heated by hidden agendas. Who will save our life.


enTRpy said...

Is the pic from Darfur? I happened to see a documentary on UN action there and it's so shameful how the "big players" in the world put their agendas before peoples lives.

Sam said...

“Who will save our life?.” A very philological question.

Fittest survive. That is the rule of this world. We humans very easily forget we are animals too. Even though we may feel like we have our own rules, humanity, intelligent, ipods, etc.. we all under the rule of nature. Just like a cat use it is teeth, a snake use it is venom, we humans use our intelligent to weaken our prey.

Few times when I talk about Iraq war, with few average Americans, they always uses the sentence ‘survival of the fittest’ one time or other. You are correct. Those situations are very well choreographed by so call powerful countries. Not only western countries. Even China uses Burmis military government as a proxy, for sell Chinese weapons to militant groups (including LTTE).

As intelligent animals with imagination, we can look at a photo like that, and feel, “what if that happens to me? – who going to save me?”. I think it may give us the same kind of a feeling that an antelope running for his dear life may feels, when a lion is after him for his lunch.

It is an antelope’s fault or lions fault – I don’t know.

Thushara Subasinghe said...

entrpy and sam,

Thanks for comments