Saturday, July 7, 2007

Open Source Research Centre for Chemical & Process Engineering

There are a good field in computer science or engineering called "Open Source Software Development ". This make huge development in their field & make equal development in all over the world. Nowadays there are no difference in between European, Asian , African or any other regions software industry, all work together to achieve the cream of the cream of their industry.

Chemical & Process in also a field which can be developed further by doing R&Ds and continuous improvements. I think if there is open source research center which share their designs, experimental data & observation among each other, definetly there will be a boost in our industry.

As example we can do a research on environmental impact on solid waste in sri lanka & design a good systematic approach to get rid of it. We can freely published all information that we gathered & designed to all chemical & process engineers all over world. They can evaluate our work and they can add their comments & views. They also can contribute further on that research if they like to do so.

This will make rapid growth in our industry. If there is such a program developing countries can get maximum advantage, because our R&Ds are backing because of financial weaknesses.

We can not do this kind of effort with out financial strength. But we can ask founds from IChemE, World Bank, ADB, UN. This kind of effert do not want to make as opportunity to grab money. But we have to do something other than ordinary do to uplift our industry.

"Average Never Wins"

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