Monday, July 2, 2007

Biography of a great environmentalist & political activist

Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai is a environmental & political activist in Kenya. She works for her society in order to uplift their quality of life & eliminate some of their myths which highly affect their society well being. She is working hard for a society which is in dark of myths & under development. Because her extra ordinary dedication she won Nobel Peace Prize. It was given for her dedication on "sustainable development, democracy and peace". She was the first ever woman who won such a price in African region. We can imaging her working environment by referring her saying.

"I have warned people against false beliefs and misinformation such as attributing this disease to a curse from God or believing that sleeping with a virgin cures the infection. These prevalent beliefs in my region have led to an upsurge in rape and violence against children. It is within this context, also complicated by the cultural and religious perspective that I often speak. I have therefore been shocked by the ongoing debate, generated by what I am purported to have said. It is therefore critical for me to state that I neither say nor believe that the virus was developed by white people or white powers in order to destroy the African people. Such views are wicked and destructive"

We can understand her society background which is being changed by herself.

What is our scenario? It is not worst like this. Our people Sri Lankan have good values & our society has the ability to change. Then why there are poverty, war, conflicts ... etc available with in the society? I think we do not have good leaders to show us the path. Majority of our political activists are not educated well. They do not love our motherland. They do not need to develop our nation. That is why we are under developing.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi created a path to follow for Indians, Mohammad ali jinnah created a country for his people, Lee Kuan Yew influenced their people to develop. But for us? We need good leaders to uplift our nation. Most of educated and best people are not active in our society. Because of violence nature of our political environment most of best people are not involving in politics.

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