Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We are planning to do a "Prabhashwari"

The annual musical program "Prabhaswari" organized by ChESS under IRQUE financial assistance is being planning to launch in August 5th. The adviser & Senior lecture of our department Dr. Shantha Walpalage explained the procedure that we want to follow when deal with IRQUE fund. IRQUE is world bank fund so transparency is very critical & we have to follow tender rules ... etc.
I have worked for previous "Prabhaswari" musical program which was organized by some of our senoir bacth. This is very hard work & we have to scarify lot of our time. Time management is very important because we have to deal with huge amount of course works, project reports and exams ... etc.
Today we shared responsibilities among students. I was selected to group which is to undertake printing & designing of all artworks, posters, tickets, banners ... etc. This is the most heviest burden, so we are the largest group.
We must work all together as a group if we want to achieve this function reality.

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