Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tidal Turbine as source of electrical energy

Above picture illustrate a story of installing one of world's largest tidal turbine to generate electricity. This turbine will generate 1.2 MW. This project will implement in Augest in coast of Northern Ireland.

More info:

The following vedio will give a nice view on tidal turbine. It is an animation but very creative & informative.

This is very useful method to implement in Sri Lanka. Becasue we have legnthy costal area abut 1000 km. This is one of best renewable energy source which we can depend on over the whole year.


N (aka Childof25) said...

err...isn't that a bit of a simplistic assumption that we can use it in SL...high amplitude tides are necessary to implement this, I'm not sure SL has that. Also there are fairly significant environmental impacts with regard to fisheries, corals, estuaries, etc.

Dilantha Thushara said...

Thank you for interest with my blog.
Feasibility study is needed to tell this kind of potential useless. Because we have great potential in costal area. Affecting people because of project is not a factor to refuse that. Because tidal turbine does not cover all area of our sea.