Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pakistan is developing their third Nuclear reactor

A US watchdog says after analysing some satellite images that Pakistan is developing their third nuclear reactor these days. They are making it for to develop weapon based plutonium for their nuclear program. The Institute of Science for International Security (Isis) says the building progressed very quickly.

Pakistan has two nuclear reactors already. This is their newest project to increase their strength in war power & energy. Pakistan is developing country which is behind even from Sri Lanka with some economical factors & social indexes like per capita income, literacy rate, ... etc. But they have not skip their scientific progressed claiming their financial weakness. Although India & Pakistan are like cats & dogs, there are so many things to learn from them. "They import microchips while we are importing potato chips." They hire foreign technology to increase their production processes & productivity.

In Sri Lanka we used to import the final product which cost us for material+ process + innovation + labour + .... etc. This habit is not a sustainable one. We become more dependence on other nations. Importing is good. But let us import technology & transfer it towards industry & intelectuals. This will result more innovation in Sri Lankan industry.

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