Friday, June 22, 2007

Chemical Process behind Semiconductors

Semiconductor industry has been rapidly developed. The field advanced semiconductor engineering is behind this development.

In advanced semiconductor field they manufacturer memory, logic circuits, microprocessors, and others based on electronic components on silicone semiconductors. Usual materials involve in designing of electronic components are includes silicone (Si), germanium (Ge) (Group IV elements in the periodic table), and multi-components that contain two or three elements, such as gallium and arsenic. (The latter consist of elements from Groups III and V.)

Converting this materials into effective semiconductors requires 200 -300 advanced process such as optical development, high-speed and high-temperature treatment, chemical vapor deposition, ion embedding, etching, chemical and mechanical grinding and process monitoring. Finally, wrapping and testing are performed.

Dedicated and enthusiasts researchers have developed advanced chemicals & process to increase quality, performance & cost.

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