Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to produce Medical Oxygen?

Medical Oxygen is difference to industrial oxygen which is used to oxyacetylene flames, it needs extra quality and standard pressure. I found one medical oxygen generator on internet, OXYSWING® PSA oxygen concentrators which are dedicated to the supply of medical oxygen

- Minimum output pressure of 4,5 bar(g) / 65 psig to maintain sufficient pressure in thehospital distribution system for any kind of patient-interactive respiratory ventilator
- Designed & manufactured to high Quality Standards ISO 9001:2000
- Minimum oxygen quality according to USP XXII Oxygen 93% Monograph
- Installation according to ISO 10083, ISO 7396, BS 7634, CAN/CSA Z305.6, HTM 2022
- Fully automatic and unattended operation
- Low maintenance requirements

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