Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Dendro Thermal Power Plant

A dendro power project is to be implemented in Prime Polymer – A division of Industrial Clothing Ltd to replace furnace oil powered power plant of the company which uses 15,000 liters of industrial oil. This plant cost 780,780 LKR/Day for fuel and it is non renewable source.

The proposed dendro power plant will consume 45 tonnes of Gliricidia per day. Sonak Lanka (pvt) Ltd is working as main supplier of Gliricidia Saplum to the factory. “Vidatha Centre” – A special unit of ministry of science and technology to popularize science and technology among people give assistance and guidance to small scale land owners to cultivate Gliricidia Saplum cultivation and Sonak Lanka (pvt) Ltd will collect Gliricidia from them.

Now Sri Lanka becoming a heaven for alternative fuel projects. Because privet sector involvement will ensure a bright future on any industrial innovation.

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shehal said...

15000 liters of HFO per day and only 45 tons of gliricidia?
thats a very optimistic replacement ratio of 1:3
are they are using gliricidia sepium with less than 10% moisture?