Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Broilers for Boilers

Various political and natural reasons made fossil fuel the enemy of the development and environment. When we brief that meaning into very compact sentence, fossil fuel is a barrier for sustainable development. So scientists are warring about alternatives and renewable options are greatly appreciated and researched.

Running Boiler using poultry litter is one example of renewable fuel. It is not only a solution for energy crisis but also a good solution for environmental problem. This process called “Thetford Process”

“Thetford Process”

The poultry litter is carried into plant using covered Lorries to prevent moisture increase and odour dispersion. The litter is handle under negative pressure to minimize odour. The litter is screened to remove foreign bodies. And mixed well to ensure homogeneity in fuel. The litter is kept one day before sending into boiler furnace.

The fuel is blow into furnace bid-air to ensure burning majoriy of fuel to get maximum energy using chain grate with spreader stockers. The combustion temperature in the furnace is around 850 0C and the operating pressure of the boiler is 65 bars and operating temperature is 450 0C. The pressurized steam line can be coupled with turbine and can be used to generate electricity.

In Thetford Process particulate emission is controlled by cyclone and bag filters. But electrostatic precipitators can also be used.

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