Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cultivating Reading Habit - It is not the best

There is no difference in between illitercy person and person how do not read. Early days reading is limited to printing media but today it is on electronic media. Even from your mobile you can have a good reading on many of web sites. I can remember one day I read my blog using Mahanama's dialog 3G phone. (He is one of my friends and also the president of ChESS).

In almost every lecture, Prof. Ajith de Alwis mention about reading habit and we are provided with lots of reading materials every day. One day he asked us to atleast seperate few minutes to read other than recomended text.

Today I read national geographic and I found some improtant articles on it. Article on E-Waste was very interesting and it showed how most of electronic waste end up in developing countries such as Ghana. Child labouring, exposing to toxic gases while processing e-waste, using cooking pans to process Lead and many tragic situations were on it. This is the world we are living all together.

All most every people who burn copper wire (coated with plastic) to grab the copper metal do not know that this process may emit Dioxin which is one of the deadliest gas in the world. Small scale processing units of secondary Lead which is installed in poor house kichens uses food processing equipments such as pot, pans, spoons for Lead extraction. After Lead processing shift is over equipments and the whole small scale factory permises is handed over for food prcessing shift which is operated by housewife. This is entiled as "Potential Deadly Practice" by National Geographic authors. But as Chemical Engineering student I do not like the word "Potential". I think it is a definelty deadly practice.

You can also come across with many things by reading. But we must remember reading is only one good habit. The best habit is reading and sharing with people around the world. Sharing knowledge with people is not a coslty way or a rocket science. Staring a blog on Blogger plateform is more than enough to share what we think and what we know. Some People can think a blog as a stupid thing. But see the BBC web site. They highlight so many improtant blogs on their main web pages. Recenlty they highlighted Kenyan's blogs (some are blogspot blogs). So do not warry you do not wanted to be web grand master to open up a blog.

Read more, Learn more, blog more .......

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