Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bush to commit $2 billion to climate change fund

World's no. 1 GHG emittor America has decided to contribute $ 2 Billion to climate change fund. In topix.com this title has taken into discussion and there was a comment from a person Miyaki Newcastle, Australia saying that " Too little and too late Mr Bush!"
I personally do not undermine the amount of contribution but I aggree that all people in this world are too late on Climate Change Management. World most industrial countires contribution to Montreal protocol is poor. America is asking more contribution from India and China. They comment on each other and not doing their part.
I think rather than rewarding money it is better to contribute on R&D to reduce CO2, CH4 ....etc.


shehal said...

"World's no. 1 GHG emittor..."

i thought china has over taken the americans in ghg emissions...


Thushara Subasinghe said...

Thank you shehal, I will search about it and correct it. It is great to have reader like you.

Thushara Subasinghe said...

Shehal, I read your recommended link.
It is saying that,

"....large countries or regions such as the USA, China, the European Union, India and Russia are in the top-5 of CO2 emitters..."

I think USA is #1