Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Show them path and strength their hands, no spoon feeding

I recently came across with one of Janasarana program which was telecast on Swarnavahini. There were several donation programs of spectacles, wheel chairs, sawing machines etc. I appreciate that. These simple tools will power their life and show them new paths to sustain in their life. Actually this is the lord Buddha’s message to wealthy people. The poverty cycle is driven by lack of knowledge and capital to invest in their life. If wealthy people can donate their money to give them knowledge and capital for poor people their poverty cycle will end up.

But in Janasarana program there is only one side considered. They give dry food items, spectacles, wheel chairs, sawing machines etc to poor people. It is not the way to build a sustainable community. Rather than donating money for heart operation to one patient it is important to develop health facility in one of Sri Lankan central hospital and allowing thousand people to be benefited. Rather than donating sawing machines to several people it is important to build and strength community bank system in rural area which will power the rural people to get capital money as low interest loan schemes. It is very important to teach people on saving and money planning methods.

In Sri Lanka Government donate and sell fertilizer at low price while spending more money on that subsides. But it is not the wise solution. We can install fertilizer manufacturing plant to fulfill the overall demand and manufacture fertilizer in our country.

I think Sri Lankan government and privet sector have not properly identified the way to eliminate the poverty from Sri Lanka.

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