Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Many Happy returns "Weblog"

Yesterday "weblog" concept celebrate its 10th B'Day. The "Weblog" word is created by Jorn Barger to explain what he is doing with his Robot Wisdom web page. Weblog was initiated in 1997 December 17 and now there are more than 70 million weblog world wide. (According to Technorati ). Technorati also say there are 120000 blogs started every day into www world.

The journey of the blog was not an easy path. In 1998 there was only 28 Weblogs because of unavailability of proper platform. With Myspace, facebook, blogger, wordpress, blogsome, blogmas etc now there will be 17 post per every second. (1.5 million post per day)

1 comment:

Patriot said...

wow 28 to 70M is a big achievement. With platforms like blogger and wordpress its not surprising though.