Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nanotechnology now for our industry

Ministry of Science and Technology is now ready to launch nano science project in Sri Lanka together with NANCO and SLINTEC. NANCO is a company which will own state of art nano-park in Homagama area and that nano park will be equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate private sector companies and other interested research institutes.

Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology is a research institute which is a joint venture with privet sector and it is 5 billion LKR worth project. 50 % of the investment will be done by the privet sector. Main partners of this investment are MAS, Brandix, Jinasena, Dialog and SLT.

This project is headed by our own Sri Lankan professionals. Several Sri Lankan experts have been joined with this and some other will join near future. Prof. Gihan Amarathunga has already with this project. These people are very senior scientists in Nano Tech. As example Prof. Gihan Amarathunga is one of five consultative people to UK gov. on Nano Technology. Prof. Silva is presently attached to University of Surrey and he will join with this project in next January.

The researches will be focused on industries such as apparel, rubber, ceramic, chemical products (paints, activated carbon, mineral, herbal products)

This is first time government and privet sector joined hands to conduct such a massive joint effort on R&D. Nanotechnology is in its very beginning state and if we can step into that technology soon we will be benefited. We missed industrial revolution, electronic revolution, bio revolution and IT revolution. I wish all the best for this development effort. Please do not let to miss this technology too. Grab its maximum potential.

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