Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hotel Rwanda

The film made very great sense for all of us. This film is about one of greatest human made tragedy in ever known history which happened in Rwanda in 1994. The film made my views change on our ethnic conflict but this film shown as continuous assessment in total quality environment management subject. So while taking the humanitarian values which we must develop our self to not allow to happen this kind of tragedy again in world I will describe my views on this film.

The story behind the tragedy is not a new concept for us. From the very first scene the producer, Terry George tried to entitle the corruption of the government bodies and the strategies of business people to grab huge profit by making conflicts. The RTML radio station which helped to breed seeds of conflict among the people is not a strange experience to Sri Lankan. Irresponsible behavior of military, politician, public media and majority of the society was entitled as the root causes for this massacre.

The film shows how Paul Rusesabagina managed his political position, social skills, wealth and quick wit to rescue thousands of lives from this tragic genocide. Until the problem became its worst state Paul Rusesabagina was successful to manage his supply chain to hotel. Although he could not manage some of the people of staff he played a great management role with ethnically diversified staff and nationally diversified guest.

He played sustainable management role behalf of the hotel. In that great human made tragedy he happened to convert some parts of the hotel to refugee camp, but anyhow he worked hard to make a better environment for his guest. Keeping records of guests in the hotel is very good practice. But in that crisis this good practice had to be changed to protect people against people. He took quick decision to erase all the record but he did not forget to make a way to ensure the income of the hotel.

While he was playing his managerial role in his hotel he did lot of care to his family. He did his best protect his children and wife. The main problem is wife belong to Tutsi which was being genocided in that time. Finally he was able to take hundreds of people to a safe place.

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

- Mother Teresa

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Lady divine said...

I watched this movie a couple of years back and absolutely loved it!!! Such a great connection it makes and really maked you feel the agony and pain that was really experienced...
And there's so much that we can learn from these...