Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Year Project Presentations

Today our team, Sampath, Dilshan, Bathiya, Sripragas and I did our project presentation. Our project coordinator Dr. Jagath Premachandra , Dr. A. D. U. S. Amarasinghe and Dr. Shantha Walpolage was our appraisal team. Dr. Amarasinghe and Dr. Walpolage highly appreciate our team work effort. Actually our team consists of one Tamil and other Muslim student. But we worked together as a family to success in our project.

Our project is to design a biodegradable polymer using cassava starch. We did literature survey on the basic facts, design the process, did the mass balance and energy balance and did the presentation on gathered information.

Dr. Shantha Walpolage asked me that do we have enough confidence to implement the designed process to an actually a running plant. I explained him demand for biodegradable polymer in present day market and if we have an investor we like to start the process actually.

I have to specially mention about Dr. Shantha Amarasinghe. Before two years ago he found my weakness in communicating in English in one of our interview and he gave me proper advice to improve my communication skills and he also kind enough to arrange a program in his English department. I followed his advices and there was very effective improvement in my communication skills.

This is the uniqueness of our department. The relationship between academic staff and the student are very close. Although there is counselor in our university to help our problem our department students have so many friendly staff to discuss problem even though the matters are academic or personal. In one occasion one of my friends was get into a big personal problem and he was going to forget the exams also. But the staff including Dr. Premachandra (who is very friendly with students) did lot of counseling on him and finally he successfully did the exam.

I think this positive environment is made because of IRQUE project which help to do lot of team building functions. The IRQUE projects changed our learning environment in to very much technological advancement and it also led our department to build up good interrelationship.
Thanks everyone including IRQUE.