Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cement industry in Sri Lanka

The joint managing director of Tokyo Cement (lanka) Ltd said that this huge demand from China and some other Asian countries is the core reason for shortage of Cement in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka consumed 4.1 million metric tones of cement (0.00164 % of world production) and 75 % of this demand was imported while 25 % was produce locally by companies such as Holcim Lanka Ltd. (It is a member of a multinational cement giant Holcim)

In Sri Lanka there are four kind of cement

OPC (ordinary Portland Cement) – 100 % cement and used for general construction and 70 % of world cement demand is fulfilled by OPC.

Blended Cement – This is new introduction to Cement industry aiming to reduce CO2 emission in production process. It is a blend of cement and pozzoolan. Pozzoolan is cementitious material such as volcanic ash, fly ash and blast furnace slag. This category is recommended for marine structures and buildings in costal and marshy areas.

Portland Limestone Cement – It is a diluted form of OPC. It contain 15 % of limestone filler and this limestone is added in grinding process

Masonry Cement – It is used for brick work and plastering. It makes easy workability and it is cost effective.

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