Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A problem with IE - please help

When I use mozilla web browser I can open my blog. But using IE I can not open it. I have to type Then my blog opens. Why this happen. Please comments on this.

Note: If you can see my weblog in IE (internet explore) with out any problem please mention in comments.


Apramana said...

I cab view ur site on FF & IE without any issues.

the_jester said...

Same here. FF & IE work. Maybe you're using an older version of IE 6 to test maybe?

Having to type index.html might mean that "index" has accidentally gotten removed from the list of files your server automatically reads and loads.

Sam said...

work perfect in IE! try CTRL+F5 for hard refresh.
see if there is any other file like index.htm or default.htm or html in yuor web server root folder.

Thushara Subasinghe said...

apramana,the jester and Sam, thank you very much.