Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oil price is going down

Oil price will be reduced by this December because gov. is going to give up 15% tax on oil and reduce it down-to 5%. I found this on newspaper which entitled the discussion with LIOC director board members. It will be a good news for ordinary people of the society but it is not a good idea for people who have a view on sustainable tomorrow. With this tax reduction huge money flow will stop which draw towards gov. funds. Another reason is reduction of oil price will not reduce any commodity prices. Because in Sri Lanka normally when price go up once there will not be a price reduction of goods and services. With reduction of 10% tax will decrease oil prices from 6 or 7 rupees. Will this help to develop our nation.

I think government must do is searching opportunities of alternative fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, fuel cells, dendro, solar, ... etc. With the above decision governement will loose huge amount of money. I think that funds must flow towards R&Ds on renewable and bio based fuel systems. We are at the end of the fossil fuel regime, we are steping towards bio economy. Do not take bio based economy as Farmers Age which was there in the world before thousands years ago. Bio based economy is based on the concept of Biorefinery. Simple it is like a concept of ordinary refine system which convert crude oil into thousands of valuable products. In Biorefinery the input is biobased materials which contain cellulose, hemi-cellulose and lignin. Using various biorefinery systems we can convert biomass, cereals ... etc into methanol, ethanol, biodiesel, natural enzymes, biopolymers, and many other valuable products.

In our department lot of research works going on this bio-based industry with minimum gov. support. Now our department has come up with successful petrol-ethanol blend and biodisesel project. I suggest to government and other key players of this society to take benefits of this university projects.

People have to change the traditional view on university students. I do not know much about other students but our department is try to doing maximum on behalf of nation's sustainability.

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