Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going for Alternative Solutions

Fossil fuel era is going to finish and new empire is coming to rule. It is cereal age. With the superb "Biorefinery" tech we can go for better solution for fuel crisis protecting sustainability of every aspect of the society. With ordinary refinery culture oil rig owners, refinery investors, distributors and such as wealthy society is being protecting and they enjoy our demand well. But with the biorefinery approach farmers will play the role of oil rig owners, biorefinery owners (who invest behalf of the mother nature rather than thinking their own profit) will play ordinary refinery owners role. This is the time to change.


Just Mal said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will not publish it, but I appreciate your honesty.

Sri Lanka does not need any more of those unemployable graduates. Why should these farmers and labourers bother studying maths or English. We're a developing country and what we need is cheap labour. You can't make everyone wealthy overnight. It takes generations, and happens over the dead bodies of lots and lots of uneducated poor people.

That said, my original comment was nothing but a rude joke.

Dilantha Thushara said...

I think you have learn lot about capitalism. I can not disagree with you. Your argument is the past and present day practice in the world.

But if you have time and interest read on buddha's philosophy on way to rule a country. There is a method to develop with sustainability.

Any way I highly appreciate your comment.

Note: - other readers on my blog will confuse with my and just mal debate.Because these comments are not related to the post. So pls others do not take these two comments for granted.