Tuesday, October 23, 2007

learning Simulink

Today I started learning Simulink, a Mathlab based simulation tool which can be used for complex simulation tasks of process engineering. I am a novice to Simulink so I download some tutorials from Internet and follow their instructions. I simulated a very simple example which is an elementary example of A/L physics, the motion of a train under driving force and air resistance.
The process simulation is a subject offered to us in this semester. Before starting that subject I thought to cover up necessary background studies.

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naza sundae said...

hai, my name is naza, a chemE student as well.
after reading ur post, now i know that matlab can be used for process analysis. Hahaha all this while, i just thought of it as a numerical method sofware.
What a relieve, i thought i will never do programing in MATLAB again after i finish Numerical Method this semester.
Thank for the information.