Tuesday, October 23, 2007


World’s largest manufacturer of coconut shell based activated carbon Haycarb Limited has marketed a activated carbon based face mask. This face masks come under three basic sub types Oxypura CITY, Oxypura AGRO and Oxypura INDUSTRIAL. Each types of mask are customized with multilayer protection with pollutant - specific activated carbon layer sandwiched between two particulate matter filters, which filter-out harmful gases and particles enabling users to breathe clean and odourless air.

Oxypura masks are priced at Rs. 75 (AGRO), Rs. 85 (INDUSTRIAL) and Rs. 115 (CITY) making them economical to use. Each mask can be used for up to a month, and would cost the user of a CITY mask less than Rs. 4 a day for protection against most toxic elements in the atmosphere.

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