Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The life on an offshore Oil Rig

This video clip is nicely explain the life of an offshore Oil Rig. It shows the how tough they follow occupational health & safety codes, how they analytically operate the rig with computational power & chemical analysis. We can see how they spend their leisure time with other members.

Actually this is the way of every hard working place must be arranged. Because people are not slaves to scarify every thing of their life behalf the occupation. They also need leisure, safety, nice working environment ...etc to perform their best at the working place.

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zaki said...

That's a good video to show some of the offshore life. I've tasted it before, and i urge the others to try and experience working offshore....


Dilantha Thushara said...

Thank you Zaki

Hannah said...

Don't they get to call their family or have internet access while on an offshore oil rig?