Tuesday, August 21, 2007

University students & people

Ordinary people talk about university raging, protest, fighting, behavior of university couples ... Some people try to run university communities down by highlighting these misbehaving. Media is always ready for publish about university raging or other abuses which is done by very narrow community in university. Today I saw on newspaper has published a comment on raging in their editorial.

I agree there are some lunatic students in our community who behave very aggressively. But people want to know one thing. There are good students also among that ruddy people. In our department (Chemical & Process, in University of Moratuwa) newcomers are welcome at the first day with a meeting. In that meeting we ask them about "why they select our department?", "what will your minor fields?" and we give them chance to perform their talents in singing or in dancing. That is only. We give our past notes, course works (not to copy but to study the pattern), photocopied books them to follow in their exams.

We recently organized a fund raising musical program "Prabhashwari" to offer scholarship for our department students. I think this is the first ever program which is organized by students behalf of students. But this kind of effort are not published in some of media. (Ruphavahini published this event ). People do not talk about this kind of efforts.

Why people talks about dark side. University is a representative organization for whole sri lankan community. People come from different backgrounds. We can not limit our community for enlightened people. Pleses talk about good things that we are doing sacrificing lot of our time.

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