Sunday, September 18, 2011

'Miracle' a mix of water and diesel fuel - innovation of Nmiracle Power (Pvt.) Ltd

Nmiracle Power (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lankan company which their manufacturing facility located near Kaduwela is about to market their revolutionary innovation 'Miracle' a mix of water and diesel fuel. According to Dr. Nalaka Gajadeera, the Charmian of the company this is one of important innovation in alternative fuel industry. They mix water with diesel using hydro thermal technology and says it has more efficiency than plain diesel.

They add 60 percent value on diesel mixed with water and  in combustion of this fuel, hydrogen derived from water molecules is burnt and the oxygen emitted is used to burn hydro carbon. Further its carbon emission is 75 percent lower plain diesel.

They are an export oriented company which is planing to export into many countries including Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Romania and Italy. They also working with Sri lankan government transportation wing CTB to introduce this fuel as transportation fuel of their day today use.

Soruce: SundayObserver

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