Sunday, December 7, 2008

lean manufacturing consultants

Our company hired several lean manufacturing consultants and they worked closely with us in implementing lean. I can remember Denis one of team member of our lean manufacturing consultants. He is an American and he had experience in many automobile manufacturing companies including Toyota.
He was very interesting consultant and I still remember how he pronouns PDCA, "Plaaaaaan Do Check Act". He grab Plan word to emphasis us on the time should taken for Planning phase.
I worked with him for implementing minimum and maximum level in our cutting department.
Lean implementation need good consultants if we required success. For large scale organizations we can even hire foreign consultants. But it is not a suitable options for small and medium scale enterprises.
In Sri Lanka we have lot of potential for lean consultant service and higher educational institutes need to include Lean Manufacturing into their curriculum and train their graduands on lean. This will boost our lean consultant base and create more value in industry.

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