Thursday, March 27, 2008

Study on the potential of Biogas in Sri Lanka

The author is Prof. Ajith de Alwis and the publisher is ITDG South Asia. The author discusses a study on electricity generation potential from biogas derived from diverse source of biodegradable waste. This book contains very important topics on biogas generation such as estimation of biogas potentials and energy potentials from some selected waste streams, energy equivalent of biogas, guide on raw material selection, process stoichiometry, pathway reactions and corresponding enthalpy, district wise energy potential from livestock from waste, turning human waste into energy, biogas potentials from industrial wastes [food and beverage industry, brewery and distillery, sugar, leather industry, desiccated coconut sector, rubber industry … etc], Biogas technologies for Sri Lanka.

This comprehensive study is done under interest and support of ITDG and Energy Forum Sri Lanka. This book is published with the aim of informing regional and national policy makers and the interested public on biogas options in Sri Lanka. Copies are available from

ITDG South Asia,

No:5 Lional Edirisinghe Road,


Colombo 5,


Ranga said...

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Thushara Subasinghe said...

Thank you for adding a link but Prof. Ajith de Alwis is not an actor but a person who have more value than a just human being.