Monday, March 24, 2008

A new blogosphere of Sri Lanka

The family of Sri Lankan blogosphere got a new member It is in developing state and now syndicate 48 blogs. I add my blog also. But still my blog is not added with them. I hope they will soon add my blog with their directory. According to reviews is among top 100 list of sri lanka. [see the top 100 website of Sri Lanka] It has listed in 9th place today, but it fluctuates.

This feature prove that there are many bloggers in Sri Lanka. So Sri Lankan blog agitator is a vital to make them collective. and Achcharu are doing good service.

1 comment:

Niro said...

we can make a change. I'm sorry was lil busy with final year project thats why I couldn't add new blogs. Will add you guys quickly. Keep it up ... I'm adding your blog to my RSS.