Tuesday, March 25, 2008

India's growing gender imbalance

India is one of south Asian country which had gender issues. With development of technology and education many people hope a better community through those advancements. But developing medical technology makes India's Gender inequality more.

In ancient India girls were face troubles after their birth. But now with advancement on medical technologies they are endangered even as a female foetuses. Because a simple Scan will tell the parent about sex of their foetuses. Indian people do not like girls to be as there children because of financial burden, largely because of the dowries that have to be paid.

Source: Al Jazeera

"India is facing a growing gender imbalance -blamed on the widespread abortion of female foetuses. In some states, fewer than eight hundred girls are born for every thousand boys. Girls are seen as a financial burden, largely because of the dowries that have to be paid when they get married. Now the Indian government will start paying parents to help them bring up female babies." - Al Jazeera's Matt McClure reports


Niro said...

Wow.. this is not good news to Indian boys i guess.. Anyway.. nice finding thushara

Thushara Subasinghe said...

Thanks niro. did you add me to slblogs.org

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