Saturday, March 8, 2008

I initiated an edocument project.

I initiated an edocument project. This idea was come into my mind while studying on my final exams. The concept is simple. Any author can submit documentation on global or regional burning issues, technical, scientific or any important topic. It will published as a free edocument, presently on my web blog.

Anyone can support this effort in various ways.

• You can submit documents on burning issues such as global warming, poverty, peace, … etc. Those articles will be published with your name.

• You can proof read documents and report errors to

• You can distribute these documents among interested people using emails. (At least 10 people) Do not send spam emails. Only for interested people on that topic.

• You can insert these documents in newspapers, magazines, books without any permission but also with information about my project and the name/s of the author/s. Correcting grammar and spelling mistakes is acceptable and highly encouraged but do not harm the content when you publish it.

• You can offer sponsorships for continuous improvements in my project. Email me
[Sponsoring organization will be benefited through including their log in footer or header in the documentation.]

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