Monday, March 24, 2008

How to calculate the costing of a cooling tower

Costing calculation of a cooling tower include analyzing of following features.

  • Building of the tower,
  • Constructing materials,
  • Packing materials the fills within the tower,
  • Pumps
  • Pings

Following cost also must included
  • Pump power costing,
  • Fan power costing for a mechanical draft cooling tower,
  • Estimate for the maintenance cost;
  • Treatment of the water to prevent corrosion, biological growth
Following book also help you to increase your ability to understand the concepts of engineering cost calculations

Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, fifth edition

Review of book

There are new chapters on process synthesis, computer-aided design, and design of chemical reactors. A traditionally strong feature of the text, economic analysis, strength, equipment sizing and cost estimation ... etc.

Table of content

Table of contents

  • Introduction
    General Design Considerations
    Process Design Development
    Flowsheet Synthesis and Development
    Software Use in Process Design
    Analysis of Cost Estimation
    Interest, Time Value of Money, Taxes, and Fixed Charges
    Profitability, Alternative Investments, and Replacements
    Optimum Design and Design Strategy
    Materials and Fabrication Selection
    Written and Oral Reports
    Materials-Handling Equipment - Design and Costs
    Reactor Equipment - Design and Costs
    Heat-Transfer Equipment - Design and Costs
    Separation Equipment - Design and Costs
    Appendix A The International System (SI) of Units
    Appendix B Auxiliary, Utility, and Instrumentation Cost Data
    Appendix C Design Problems
    Appendix D Tables of Physical Properties and Constants
    Appendix E Heuristics for Process Equipment Design
    Appendix F Software Useful for Design
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