Saturday, February 9, 2008

Name for ExoMars Robot Rover - "Yenny Iyer"

The boss of the European Space Agency Jean Jacques Dordian has aksed his officers to give a name for robot rover of ExoMars project which is to be launched in 2013. Mr. Jean Jacques Dordian has changed the concept of rover radically and asked ministers to doubled the project cost which was scheduled to 650 million euro.

Since we are sure that there is no complex living being over there, why people waste such a price to explore Mars. Why developed countries not invest money to solve problems in under developed countries. It is their responsibility. Because most of problems are side effects of developed countries wealth flows.

People search over moon, mars and total space. Please search first of all on this world that how many people dies because of hunger, how many children are trafficking for child sex or child slavery, how many infants dies because of preventable diseases such as diarrhea, .... etc. Please invest money to build actual infrastructures to realize Millenium Development Goals.

Mr. Jean Jacques Dordian has asked his officials to make a name. So I am not a person to suggest a name.But I like to suggest a name for that robot rover of ExoMars. Name is "Yenny Iyer". What is the speciallty of this name. This is a child's name who dead due to hunger while I am writing this post. Try find out names of people dead list while you are reading this blog post by paying a visit on this web site.

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