Monday, September 3, 2007

Understand the concept of integrated solid waste management with respect to solid waste generated

Understanding integrated solid waste management practices of local authorities is very much essential for environment engineering student in order to be a smart solution provider in his future carrier. While most of people view over this solid waste problem with wide variety of views, we must get into this problem with engineering point of view. The scope of engineering is the problem solving with solid mathematical, physics, chemistry and biological background. Anyhow analyzing present scenario of integrated solid waste management practices is very mush essential prior to coming up with practicable solution. Solid waste is the heaviest burden of any urban council and they practice solid waste management strategies to encounter the burning issues. As my hometown Kadugannawa, which owns the smallest urban council in Sri Lanka is far away for walk through to collect information at this movement. Therefore, I select Panadura Urban council as my study area.

In my humble study on integrated solid waste management practices, I investigated about following important points.

ü Practices in source reducing such as recycling, composting, … etc

ü Collection

ü Transport and transferring methods solid waste

ü On-site storage

ü How they process solid waste?

ü Disposal methods

I did this study with my best effort and finally came up with some proposals, suggestions and comments on present practices of solid waste management in Panadura area.

The complete article was submitted into our moodle.

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