Friday, July 13, 2007

Plasma arc decomposition of solid waste into non hazardous gasses & vitrified solids

This is somewhat high end approach to solid waste management. This is done using extremely hot flame generated by a plasma torch. This will be trusty way to get rid of some hazardous waste such as PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyls). The temperature of the flame is in a range of 10000 0F. Quite unbelievable temperature which is generated by special electrode consuming about three megawatts range electricity. But today prof. Ajith de Alwis said in Solid Waste Management lecture that the emitting gasses of this plasma reactor can be used to produce electricity which covers the consumption of electrical energy of reactor. In that case we only need a back up source of 3 megawatts electricity for considerably short time period. The rest of energy to run the plasma arc furnace can be obtained using emitting gasses. This is a good approach on solid waste management because this kind of high end technology will boost interest on environmental engineering & other related fields.

This video will give you a nice idea on plasma reactor which convert waste into valuble energy


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