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State pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation, Sri Lanka is established in 1987. The present location of SPMC is State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation of Sri Lanka, 11, Sir John Kotelawala Mawatha, Kandawala Estate, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. It was a gift of Japan Government. It is operated to produce quality, effective and safe medicinal drugs at affordable prices to the public. The SPMC is a 50, 000 square feet pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility.
The SPMC is equipped with modern Japanese and German machines with an annual installed capacity of 550 million units of tablets, capsules and 60, 000 litres of dry syrup. But they produce exceeding the present production capacity by approximately 95 %. They have planned to increase their capacity up to future demand. All SPMC products comply with combined United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and British Pharmacopoeia (BP) standards, and also Japanese Health Ministry standards for microbial limits for oral preparations. The atmosphere of the Ultra clean Zone where manufacture takes place is strictly controlled in regard to temperature, humidity, microbial count and particulate matter. All their products have high solubility and long shelf-life.
They uses two kind of raw material for production. Two categories
  • Actives
  • excipients
Use around 150 raw materials.Most of them are imported.

The SPMC quality control department is fully equipped with a full range of modern instruments for physico-chemical and microbiological testing such as High Pressure Liquid Chrornatograph, Gas Liquid Chromatograph and Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrophotometers. SPMC products are 'branded generics'. Our tablets and capsules carry the letters SPC and the labels clearly show our now famous and respected logo with characteristic two colour bands. Preparations for the health Ministry carry the letters DHS.

SPMC products

• Penicillines
• Antimicrobial Agents
• Analgesics/Antipyretics
• Antihistamines
• Vitamins
• Antifilarials
• Bete-Blockers
• Bete-Adrenoceptor Stimulants
• Anthelmintics
• Antiarrythmic
• Antidiabetics
• Antibiotics/Antimicrobial Agents
• Antacids
• Antimalarials
• Antiparkinsonian Drugs
• Corticosteroids
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anticonvulsant
• Laxatives
• Tranquillisers
• Diuretics
• Xanthine Bronchodilator

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