Monday, April 25, 2011

Improving Chemical Warehouse Productivity

Chemical manufacturing plant engineers and managers should be competitive to provide ever growing customer demand and the ever tighten regulations of numerous authorities. They have to face following challenges in their day today operation with following challenges. 

1. Product Purity
2. Complex environment, health and safety requirements
3. Profitability
4. Customer satisfaction

This free white paper will provide you wide exposure on meeting above challenges and meet the ever growing standards of chemical supply management in present day scenario

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Chemical Engineering Interview Questions

In my life after 3 years of Graduation I have face several job and scholarship interviews in my chemical engineer carrier. Normally as engineer we have to face several level of interviews before enter into a business entity.

First Interview

First interview is most probably with heads of the team which you will directly report if you will be selected. Actually most of technical questions comes in this stage with some of screening questions (non technical). The nature of technical question will be highly depended on the process of the plant and the vacancy which you willing to fill. As example if you are going to a power plant as direct operational position you will ended up evaluating your chemical thermodynamic knowledge, but if you are to be fill water treatment plant operation position of the same company you will be face questions relevant to water treatment methods and problems.

Second & Third Interview

This interviews are most probably with the top level management and you will be evaluated with your attitude towards the company, your compliance with the top level managers' expectation and cooperate culture, your future expectations ... etc. Actually if you come to this level means your are more suitable but you have to be the best of rest of people in the final stage.