Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Must Additional Qualifications for better Chemical Engineering Carrier

We all know for any field of carrier there is too much competition for entering as a professional. Entrance exams, workshops and series of interviews; these are not new things to job seekers these days. When we are in selection process for a vacancy it is common we are fighting with people with same qualification most of time. Therefore, additional qualifications will play vital role in every selection process; especially to be come out of bunch of same qualified personal. What are to most seek additional qualifications of chemical engineering carrier these days?

Occupational Safety and Health 

This does not mean that you have to follow up a diploma or degree program on this area. However, workshops, seminars or even short-term program will be more than enough with your basic qualification.

Certification in First Aid 

We know as chemical engineers frequently deal with hazardous processes, it will be a value addition if you equipped with first aid skills. Do not think this as a huge burden of your study program. I think Red Cross Society provides nice short-term program on first aid and they even issue certificate, which is valid for couple of years.

Experience in CAD applications 

If you are familiar with 2D – 3D computer aided design tools, it will be more advantage for you. Do not ever think that you need certificates to prove these skills. If you have used them in your study program especially in design project; add it up with your CV. Highlight your skill with computer aided programs.

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