Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chemical Manufacturing ERP from Microsoft

Rather than going for a common ERP it is tackful to go for a specialized ERP if you are having chemical nanufacturing process. Chemical manufacturing process has certian uniqeness and rather going for a common ERP and specialized modules; it is worth going for specialized ERP package.

Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP) for the chemical industry provides the tools you need to gain control and maximize manufacturing assets, minimize operating costs, and understand the impact of decisions on orders, production, inventory and distribution. This is a product sold only by authorized partners like Fullscope. []

Common Chemical Manufacturing Challenges Addressed in ERP

Fullscope helps chemical companies address the following industry-specific issues and more:

  • Co products
  • By products
  • FDA compliance
  • Formula management
  • Cost containment
  • Quality management
  • Quality control
  • Lot tracking
  • Multi-dimensional item tracking and traceability
  • Container and packaging management

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