Friday, January 23, 2009

Drive Slow! Save Your Fuel Bill

Do you know that every 5 mph over 55 mph reduce 10% of your fuel economy!

Drive @ average speed! Save your money.

Better millage also save environment.

Official Blogger @ Lanka Biogas Association

I have invited to join as official blogger @ biogas association sri lanka and I started a blog and forum on behalf of it.

Visit LankaBioGas

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Process Calculator, your Process Engineering Quantification Tool provide you one click calculators without interfering in your thought process that enable you to convert between various engineering units, get component and mixture properties, perform equipment sizing calculations as detailed below.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick Change Over - Tool for a successful production

This is a QCO introduction Video

Yesterday we captured a mold change over session using video camera can today we did an analysis with a lean consultant. We observed many opportunities to reduce change over time. I practically realize how 5S is linked with quick change over after observing a mechanic is searching for a proper tool for fixing a mold.

Because of present day competition every single minute is very valuable as it is directly related to cost of production. We are following Single Minute Exchange of Die theory to implement QCO in our production floor.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sugar-coated nanoparticles aid MRI diagnosis of disease-associated lesions in the brain

University of Oxford researchers have found that sugar coated nano particles will boost the effectiveness of MIR diagnosis of brain.

Prof Ben G. Davis

Benjamin G. Davis, Nicola R. Sibson, Daniel C. Anthony, and coworkers are the research team and they modified the ligand with an S-cyanomethyl linker that serves as a protecting group until the ligand is added to the nanoparticle. The team used the resulting glyconanoparticles as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging studies of rats afflicted with conditions similar to multiple sclerosis or stroke. The glyconanoparticles revealed lesions in these disease models at an earlier stage than did other MRI contrast agents, a result that the researchers suggest could lead to methods for earlier diagnoses.

best undergraduate school for Chemical Engineering worldwide?

I see a question on Answers @ yahoo. Someone has asked that "What is the best undergraduate school for Chemical Engineering worldwide?"

It was resolved question. Otherwise I will surely say that it is my department where I was graduate!!!!!!

chemical engineering ucla

The UCLA School of Engineering was first established in 1944, with the goal of providing engineers with a broad array of talents to the emerging industrial base of Southern California.

It is equipped with

  • Three UCLA Nobel Laureates in the last 12 years

  • Ten ChBME Faculty with National Awards

  • 12 ChBME Ph.D. Alumni placed in U.S. faculty positions in the last 12 years

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UCLA prides itself on preparing its students for creative careers in industry, academia, and government. The Department is a community of outstanding researchers, experienced educators, distinguished visiting scholars, and talented students. Our weekly seminars also bring many outstanding visitors to the Department, thereby providing additional exposure to current research at other institutions. Research activities undertaken by the faculty span a wide range of chemical engineering topics and involve studies ranging from the molecular level (characterized by length scales on the order of Angstroms) to the design and control of large-scale production facilities (with length scales in the order of meters and kilometers).

Is chemical engineer jobs are @ threat due to Global Recession

Global Financial Crisis have left thousand of people jobless. I wanted to know what is the situation of global chemical engineers. If you are a chemical engineer please put a comment on my website about your and your company situation.

I know there are thousands of people losses their jobs due to this financial crisis. You comments on present situation highly accepted.