Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Yellow Belt Graduation Soon

Our company train us on Lean and gave us every support to learn lean manufacturing system and ceremony is waiting in new year (2009). Budget has approved to celebrate our success and we need to showcase our talents in yellow belt as small groups of implementers. We have to present our some of implementation in yellow belt certification award ceremony.

Still dont know what is my team and what is our area. Lean team will inform us soon.

Carbon Membrane for seperation of CO2 from Biogas

BioGas is not a pure methane. It contains many gas including CO2 which dramatically reduce its calorific value as a fuel.

But Professor May-Britt Hägg and Dr. Jon A. Lie have invented a technology to use carbon membrane as a separation tool for CO2 in biogas. That membrane is contain following features.

• High stability and durability
• No contamination of gas flow
• New class of hollow fibre membrane

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Norweco brings safe water to third-world countries

By MARY LISA BOOSE - Reflector Staff Writer

Norweco workers in Norwalk build chlorinators and people in Haiti avoid illness.International Action, a non-profit group based in Washington, D.C., has brought clean water to more than 400,000 poor Haitians with the help of equipment from Norweco."They gave a very, very cheap price for the chlorinators. The price they charge us is peanuts," said Abdul Kanu, spokesman for International Action. He said the foundation only operates in Haiti now, but would like to expand to Africa to bring clean water to more people.Don Bach, director of sales for Norweco, said the company adapted equipment to treat drinking water after learning of the extreme need of people in poor countries."It took 15 years to put it together," he said. "With the guidance of International Action, we adapted the piping and the way we use them for drinking water."Bach said when Norweco officials learned that many children under the age of 12 die from water-born diseases in some countries, they decided they could help solve the problem. "Our major business is wastewater treatment equipment supply and we adapted some of our equipment for drinking water," he said.

Bach said the staff at International Action deserves full credit for the progress of the clean water program."They are wonderful people," Bach said, adding other charitable organizations have put in state-of-the-art equipment into communities, but never bothered to keep programs going."International Action trains local people," he said. "They figured out the formula of making it happen. International Center decided you have to have community buy-in for the project. If you don't have that, it fails."Norweco's chlorinator is now used in about 20 countries and Bach said it is also used in remote areas of the United States such as in government parks.Haiti has a high infant and mortality rate and a big part of the problem is unsafe water. International Action and Dlo Pwp, a Haitian organization, joined forces to install 100 chlorinators in 23 of the poorest neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince. Now about 400,000 residents are getting clean, safe water for the first time."The largest killer of children in all developing countries is waterborne disease such as cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and chronic diarrhea. These diseases lead to the premature and avoidable deaths of 2.6 million children each year," said Lindsay Mattison, director of International Action. "For $265, we can install a water chlorinator that lasts a generation. It will provide up to 10,000 people with clean, safe drinking water. Chlorine is becoming a major force for public health in Haiti."In Jalousie, situated in the hills above Port-au-Prince, a new chlorinator protects 50,000 people. A nurse in the area reported a major drop in chronic diarrhea cases. A municipal laboratory found that typhoid and cholera germs are no longer present in Jalousie's water. People from nearby neighborhoods are crossing into Jalousie to carry safe water to their homes.Pierre Joab, president of the local water board in Simmond Pel, said the chlorinators make a big difference. "Since International Action installed chlorinators, the rate of diarrhea and sickness of children dropped dramatically. Kids are not getting sick any more. We learned we can prevent such diseases. We'd like to keep it this way," he said.Abdul Kanu, spokesman for International Action, said his group is now working on plans to install water tanks in addition to chlorinators."The unique thing about our project is the chlorine lasts in the water for days," he said, and treated water will even overcome bacteria in containers used to carry the water. More information on International Action's water projects is available atwww.haitiwater.org.

{MARY LISA BOOSE is guest author and MARY LISA BOOSE send me this article to publish on my website.}

Sunday, December 7, 2008

lean manufacturing pdf

This paper reports the resuIts of a study into the performance and management practices of 18 autocomponents plants, nine of which were located in the UK and nine in Japan. The study compared the performance of these plants and used quantitative measures to test the use of lean production techniques among the high performers. Five plants displayed high performance on measures of both productivity and quality. All of these were located in Japan. Several measures of management practice provided some support for the lean production model, particularly in the area of process discipline and control; measures of human resource management policy and work organization proved less significant. Contextual factors pointed to the conditions necessary to support lean production; higher performing plants had more stable demand and lower absenteeism

lean manufacturing consultants

Our company hired several lean manufacturing consultants and they worked closely with us in implementing lean. I can remember Denis one of team member of our lean manufacturing consultants. He is an American and he had experience in many automobile manufacturing companies including Toyota.
He was very interesting consultant and I still remember how he pronouns PDCA, "Plaaaaaan Do Check Act". He grab Plan word to emphasis us on the time should taken for Planning phase.
I worked with him for implementing minimum and maximum level in our cutting department.
Lean implementation need good consultants if we required success. For large scale organizations we can even hire foreign consultants. But it is not a suitable options for small and medium scale enterprises.
In Sri Lanka we have lot of potential for lean consultant service and higher educational institutes need to include Lean Manufacturing into their curriculum and train their graduands on lean. This will boost our lean consultant base and create more value in industry.

implementing lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing system which can be simply called "More Value with Less Work" can change any existing manufacturing facility into a great profitable business. It is one of great dream @ every level of employees and shareholders.

But it is not a dream which will realize in one night. Lean must be implemented very carefully and it must cover up all sections and all levels of organization. High level of change management is need because every where "Resistance to Change" is available.

I am working in a factory where Lean is being implemented. I have involved with many lean projects in our company and I have experienced the Resistance and ways to overcome it. Lean implementers must be aware with factors which lead for failures in lean system.
Implementing lean requires corporate culture change starting from grass root level of hierarchy. I think people mind set is the key object which need to change in implementation process.

Flexibility - The Key To Be Success

Meeting Rooms with wheeled Equipments

In Toyota factory most of things have embeded with wheels. Why? They like contiuous improvement and CI need flexibility for layout change. Look above picuture. If there are no wheels a simple layout change reqiure additional support and cost many labour hours. But with the support of wheels even the owner of brainchild of CI can do layout by him self and achive his goals with change in new layout.

Directors, Managers, Executives and workers like changes. They dream about changes. Changes will not happen easily if there is no environment to support changes. Create an envrionment which enable superb flexibility for changes.

Toyota wheeled Equipments ............ one better example for superb changing environment.

5s @ Toyota Manufacturing Facility

Toyota, leader in lean manufacturing system

Achieved their unique profitability with continually practicing Lean
When I was student @ Uni Moratuwa we practiced 5S. One of our batchmate Ushan was student leader and Dr. Jagath Premachandra was consultant. We did many things to implement 5S in department of Chemical & Process Engineering [the department where I was studied]
Now I am working for intimate garment manufacturing cluster in Sri Lanka and we are also practicing 5S + S [6S]
To be honest 5S is not in my life and I have lot of resistence to be a 5S person. But I have understand the improtance of 5S to eliminate every type of waste and to be profitable in business.

Space Saving Project in Toyota - Even @ cafeteria

Wow world most profitable automobile manufacture Toyota, achieved their present stability with unique production management system, lean. They are saving their space even @ cafeteria.

Lean Manufacturing is wonderful tool to make any manufacturing or service sector profitable business. In my working place, we practice lean manufacturing system and I have passed yellow belt level and practicing blue belt. We also doing projects to save many things including space.

I got new desk top pc

Yeasterday I brought new pc for my acedemic, entertainment, internet surfing and blogging work.


Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
Intel MotherBoard
160 Sata II Harddisk
2 GB Kingston RAM
17" Samsung LCD Monitor

Place : PC House

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I was awarded for my blog

In recent Annual General Meeting of Department of Chemical Engineering which was held in newly open building complex, I was awarded as Inventor of the year. I was surprised because I did not expect such an award. My web blog and social network of chemical engineers was reason for my award.

I must thank every one who organize the AGM.

The 11th Chemunique magazine was also launched and e magazine also launched