Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is NaNo Technology?


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      WoW ..... A great technology which is changing present world and will make all future happens one day. What is nano technology, it is the science that involve in manufacturing materials, devices and machines at the nanometer, or atomic/molecular, scale. The word nano came from Greek word for “dwarf”. It means one billionth. Can you imagne that 1 nanometer is the length of three atoms.  When scientists work with this range of things, they are called nano technologists.

      There are two mechanism to manufacture nano scale products.  "Top Down" and "Bottom Up" are that two major mechanisms. In Top Down mechanism building something by starting with a larger component and carving away material (like a sculpture).Example: patterning (using photolithography) and etching away material, as in building integrated circuits.

      “Bottom-up” – building something by assembling smaller components (like building a car engine).Example: self-assembly of atoms and molecules, as in chemical and biological systems.

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